Teacher's Wellbeing Session

On August 17, 2023, the school organized a specially curated well-being session to welcome the teaching community to School after the summer break. This unique session was thoughtfully designed by Ms. Namita Malhotra, a certified and licensed Life Coach, who brings her expertise as a change management facilitator. Her mission is to empower individuals, particularly women, to navigate life's challenges and transform them into opportunities for personal and professional growth. 

The primary aim of this session was to create an environment where our teachers could unwind, relax, and connect with one another. The session set the stage to foster a culture that encourages open dialogue, the sharing of individual strengths, and the willingness to seek support in areas of personal and professional development.

Through the sharing of personal stories and experiences, our teachers had the opportunity to reflect on their own journeys and the challenges they have overcome. This sharing not only inspired them but also instilled a deep sense of resilience. By witnessing their colleagues' triumphs over adversity, our teachers left the session feeling motivated and better prepared to face future challenges.

The impact of this session extended beyond personal growth. It reinforced the bonds within our teaching community, strengthening the unity of our teams and the school as a whole. Furthermore, it conveyed a clear message to our teachers: the school is genuinely invested in their well-being.