Student Council

The Student Council is a platform for students to develop leadership skills and contribute to school activities and service projects. It acts as the voice of the student body, sharing ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and school administrators. The Student Council also organizes fundraising events, social activities, community projects, and initiatives for social reform.

An Investiture Ceremony is held at the beginning of the academic year to confer badges and sashes to newly elected Student Council members.

School House System

Our School House System consists of four houses, each with its own unique symbol and characteristics. The houses provide a sense of belonging and foster healthy competition among students. The house names and their meanings are as follows:


The phoenix represents renewal and vitality. It rises from the ashes with renewed vigor and vitality, symbolizing resilience and growth.


Eagles symbolize power and strength. Like eagles, our students strive for excellence and never surrender to challenges.


Dragons symbolize potent and auspicious powers. They represent intelligence and good luck for those who are worthy of it.


Falcons symbolize vigilance and positive changes. They encourage students to trust their abilities, stay focused, and soar high.