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Bright Riders School Dubai is a K-12 Indian School offering CBSE Curriculum for Grade 1 onwards and Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) for KG. We believe in striving towards creating an inspirational institutional model in the years to come.

Our journey towards establishing a universal, learner-centered teaching methodology that includes innovative learning methods, and strong dedication to delivering quality learning experiences is a testament to the efforts put in by our highly experienced and dedicated staff




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At Bright Riders Dubai, we value and treasure the uniqueness of every child and are committed to providing a strong foundation to enable all our young birds to soar as eagles and touch the pinnacle of success. Being a young and upcoming school, we are flexible and dynamic about providing the right kind of opportunities for our young learners. It is exciting to see our students flourish and grow in leaps and bounds in front of our eyes. As the popular saying goes, the deeper the roots, the higher you fly. A holistic education, an open and free-thinking mindset, and varied nationalities and ethnicities under one roof, is the Bright Riders experience.

Come, join the Bright Riders community.

Deepa Shetty Founding Principal

CBSE School Dubai BRS

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Our philosophy of education of the heart, head and hands, connects the intellect, body and soul. We, at Bright Riders School, provide a secure, caring, inclusive and intellectually stimulating learning environment firmly founded on core values, trust and respect for each other.

As well as promoting academic achievement, our dynamic, child-centric, skills-based curriculum has been designed to ensure the all-round development of each student – identifying their unique talents and unleashing their true potential, by guiding them to nurture their own interests and maintain connections with their roots and culture whilst learning and developing appreciation for UAE.

The wide range of sporting and co-curricular activities and clubs that our children can choose from, and the world class coaching offered at BRS nurtures a holistic and well-rounded development of all students, ensuring the happiness and well-being of every member of the school fraternity.


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