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Welcome to our distinguished CBSE-affiliated institution, where a profound commitment to education is paramount. Our dedicated team of educators imbued with pedagogical expertise, employees teaching. The curriculum at KG is inspired by the EYFS guidelines of the UK curriculum and blended with the best of the latest National Curriculum Framework of the CBSE. Our unwavering commitment is directed towards the development of an inspirational education model for future generations.




Our Principal’s


It is my pride and privilege to welcome you into the world of Bright Riders School!

We are a school that has designed and sustains an inclusive, productive learning environment. Every new day promises to bring better opportunities for fulfilment of the innate gifts and abilities, the inherent aptitude of its learners.

Our Bright Riders thrive in an environment that provides constant challenge together with steady support, to lead to high achievement. Here expectations are high, so achievement will be higher!

Our learners are encouraged and trained to think, reflect, inquire and create as they continue their educational journey, in preparation for life. And walking by their side, every step of the way are my teachers and leaders who understand that every child is unique, imbued with an individuality of head and heart that deserves to be recognized, celebrated and chiselled to be the best possible version of itself. My teachers are managers of learning and progress, they know when to lead from the front and when to gently nudge from behind.

At Bright Riders School you will find scholastic and co-scholastic programmes marked by vigour and vitality. You will find a warm campus of caring adults – governors, leaders, teachers, nannies and support staff – who seek fulfilment in creating and sustaining a happy school full of happy learners!

And finally, a word for you parents – the best partners in learning that we could ask for. Talk to us, share your insights and dreams and support us as we set new challenges and raise the bar from time to time so “our” children can soar to the highest heights.

Come, commit your child to our care and nurture!

Ever Upward & Onward! Latika Narain

CBSE School Dubai BRS

Why choose us?

Our philosophy of education, which integrates the heart, head, and hands, connects intellect, body, and soul. At Bright Riders School, we provide a secure, caring, inclusive, and intellectually stimulating learning environment rooted in core values, trust, and respect for each other.

In addition to promoting academic achievement, our dynamic, child-centric, skills-based curriculum is designed to ensure the all-round development of each student. We identify their unique talents and unleash their true potential by guiding them to nurture their own interests while maintaining connections with their roots and culture, thereby fostering an appreciation for the UAE.


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