Parent Support Group (PSG)

At Bright Riders School, we believe parents are an integral stakeholder in their ward’s learning journey and would like to take every opportunity to communicate and collaborate with parents. The school’s endeavour is to work closely with the parent community and strengthen its engagement with them.

Keeping this in view, we formulate the Parent Support Group (PSG) core committee every year with one parent representative from each class group. The Parent Support Group (PSG) committee member is a representative member of the class and is an intermediary between the school and the parents of the respective class. Any specific communication or emails or WhatsApp messages is routed through the PSG member. The school leadership team holds interim PSG meetings either online or Face to Face to understand and address concerns raised by parents or school.

The PSG members play an active role, with the support of their respective class parents, to contribute towards the school community and foster greater bond between school and families. The main purpose is to collaborate with each other and work for the betterment of the school and students.