Extended Learning Program (ELP)

ELP aims to provide support to students and increase proficiency in language and numeracy skills in subjects like English, Hindi, Arabic and Math. ELP is a compulsory component where a variety of activities inculcating Listening, Speaking, Reading and Mental Math skills is included. These activities are over and above the classroom teaching-learning and the focus areas would be to build on vocabulary, expression and conceptual understanding.

Elementary Learning Support Center (LSC) and Secondary Learning Support Center (LSC)

For Emirati students and foreign nationality students with limited English proficiency, we have the Elementary English Language Learners program and Elementary Support Centre. It is an intensive program for students needing language support in addition to regular classroom curriculum where they attend pull-out classes for remediation in small group or individual settings. The Secondary English Language Learner and Secondary Learning Support Center will provide support and guidance to students from Grade 6 onwards for additional language and learning support.

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

At Bright Riders School Dubai, we believe in offering an Education for Life, imparting knowledge and skills to our students and developing their character, personal leadership, work ethics, compassion and values so they can create their own success as thoughtful, confident, principled and dynamic individuals in the world.


Clubs(Grades 1-5)

Nature Club, Heritage Club, Robotics & Techno Geeks Club, Literary Club

Secondary Clubs

(Grades 6-10)

Nature Club, Heritage Club, Robotics & Techno Geeks Club, Literary Club, Community Service Club

Work Education

(Grades 1-10)

Socially useful and productive activities

Both ELP and CCA are extended day programs which occur every Sunday and Tuesday respectively from 2:10 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. It is a compulsory and free component of their learning journey from Grade 1 onwards

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