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Extended Learning Program (ELP)

The Extended Learning Program (ELP) aims to provide support to students and enhance their proficiency in language and numeracy skills in subjects such as English, Hindi, Arabic, and Math. ELP is a compulsory component that includes a variety of activities focusing on listening, speaking, reading, and mental math skills. These activities complement classroom teaching and learning. The ELP sessions are scheduled during the Zero, Reinforcement, or Homeroom period.

Co-Curricular Club Activities (CCA)

At Bright Riders School Dubai, we believe in offering a comprehensive education that develops students' character, personal leadership, work ethics, compassion, and values. We provide a diverse set of clubs for students to participate in and enrich their learning in their core areas of interest. Clubs are incorporated into the weekly timetable, and students have the opportunity to rotate within different clubs to explore their interests. We aim to instil a sense of ownership and decision-making in all students.

CCA Clubs (Club names may vary year on year)

  • Nature or Conservation Club
  • Home Eco Club
  • Gavels Club
  • Speech & Drama Club
  • Happiness & Wellness Club
  • Fitness Club
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