Smart Class

At Bright Riders School, we integrate a digital approach to teaching by implementing classrooms enhanced with state-of-the-art technology. Our smart classrooms allow teachers to utilize internet resources and content available on the school's internal server, ensuring better understanding for students.

Figure Figure
Figure Figure


We have a well-planned and well-equipped ICT laboratory equipped with the latest applications for word processing, spreadsheets, databases, graphics, multimedia, and programming in various languages.

We have also introduced a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program for students in grade 4 and onwards, enabling them to use technology as a tool to enhance their learning skills, such as research, browsing, and coding.


Our well-stocked library houses a diverse collection of books, digital sources, and resources covering a wide range of topics. We aim to instil reading habits in students from an early age, encouraging their imagination and stimulating their minds in a comfortable and conducive environment.

In KG, we follow a structured approach to reading by introducing Starfall and Oxford Reading books to all students. From Grade 1 onwards, we provide online Scholastic Literary Pro for English and Alasafeer app for Arabic as part of the Whole School Literacy Program (WSLP).

Figure Figure
Figure Figure

Visual and Performing Art Studios

We have dedicated studios and classrooms for dance, music, and art, designed to create a conducive ambiance that fosters students' connections and brings out their talent and creativity.

Science and Innovation Labs

Our school is equipped with comprehensive science labs, innovation labs, and an experiential math lab. These labs are furnished with the latest resources and technology to cater to students' interests.

Figure Figure
Figure Figure

Recreational Area

We have separate play areas for our KG and primary students, providing access to swings, turnabout slides, sand and water play, and kitchen-range play. KG students also have access to an Indoor Activity Room where they can engage in imaginative role play.